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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  November 29, 2014 10:11am-10:17am EST

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television for serious readers. and now booktv continues with more nonfiction authors and books. >> for information on this television schedule visit us online at >> david rosenberg, who runs an investment firm, global investments, he runs an ohio-based collection agencies that was involved in a number of federal and state investigations for abusive collection tactics such as calling people who
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resolved their debt decades earlier, trying to get that money from them, they needed representation, there have been dozens of suits against david rosenberg's company, j.c. penney's business partner and settled the lawsuits and certainly something sketchy going gone. if you are thinking i included a picture of david rosenberg, that is also a picture of kim kardashian, just a cynical individual. jasey primarily gets a spotting capitalism because he built a monument to capitalism in my stomping ground, downtown brooklyn, if there is a basketball team, the brooklyn nazi, they moved over across the bay from new jersey and j z was
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the one man height guy for this, the one man pr machine bringing attention to moving the nets from new jersey to brooklyn. he also partnered with bruce ratner. bruce ratner was a real-estate developer, he saw where the barkley center sits, this new stadium. he saw opportunity to build luxury apartments. the problem was these luxury apartments were sitting on land owned by other people. it was their property. so how can you get these individuals off the land so i can build my luxury apartment? one way was through the use of eminent domain. you can't use eminent domain to kick people off their property for luxury apartments. what did he do? you could use eminent domain to kick people off their land and have businesses relocate if you have a public good that includes
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the sporting arena. all the thousands of jobs and deployment is supposed to bring, jasey became a minority shareholder, and the barkley center itself. bruce ratner got luxury apartment that nestle on going and under construction. jasey helped bring the brooklyn nets to brooklyn and new yorkers were able to offer $750 million in government subsidies to help build this monstrosity which by the way has been nicknamed the rusty turtle in downtown brooklyn. all so that bruce ratner could have his luxury apartments and jasey can use his celebrity status to by the way wrapped about, he later wrapped about the exploits saying he made millions off of this deal. here is a net who thins out rage
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over the haves and have nots and wealth disparities in america, he could have used his celebrity status to bring awareness to economic injustice. if bruce ratner wanted his luxury apartments or wanted a stadium, he didn't have to go ahead and fleece taxpayers for $160 million to do so. he could have easily found the investments on his own if he wanted to proceed this project. thousands of jobs, any time there is a public/private partnership, public/private partnership, something doesn't sound right. it is not right. thousands of jobs materialize for new yorkers, most of the jobs are part-time, not even full time jobs. that is what $760 million in some government subsidies gets you in new york and the politicians think this is a screening good deal. >> you can watch this and other
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programs online at next on booktv senator john mccain recounting america's armed conflict through the eyes of 13 soldiers which he profiles joseph flom martin, a 15-year-old soldier in the revolutionary war, army reservist mary rode to serve in the persian gulf war and michael munson war, navy seal in iraq and many of his. he speaks at the national press club in washington d.c. for 45 minutes. >> senator john mccain, you know about him. i will tell you a little bit, served in the u.s. navy from 1964 to 1981, he was elected to the u.s. house of representatives from arizona in 1982 and the senate in 1986. he was republican presidential candidate in 2008, now servin


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